You will have a few inches wide piece at the bottom.

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Then unfold the paper and and fold it half again, top to bottom, along the center line.


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This job is known for so long since Renaissance.

. Feb 5, 2014 · Give your friend a compliment. How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller.

I think it’s always good to ask for their ideas first before giving any of your. This video is to show you how to make a fortune teller with paper.

This will create 4 identical triangles.

Learn how to make paper fortune teller and find out all the fun things you can write. To start making the square, fold one corner of a piece of paper over to the adjacent side. Aug 2, 2021 · Decorate your teller: On the outermost part of the teller, draw or glue colored paper circles.

. Flip the square over so that you see your 1 through 4 numbers again. Things I use in this video- Camera: http://amzn. Or, draw your own, using the folding pattern as a guide, have fun!. How to make Origami Fortune Teller | Easy craft | DIY crafts | Origami papercraftIn this tutorial I'll show you how to make a fortune teller.

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This video is to show you how to make a fortune teller with paper.


This gives the fortune-teller flexibility when you place your fingers into it.


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